SONIFI stands apart with our unparalleled service and maintenance programs that include - expedited site service, remote monitoring and repair, and both third party and cross platform support. SONIFI employs more than 200 nationwide field technicians with an average of 14 years of hospitality experience. In addition, properties that are located in the United States, are typically no more than a two–hour drive for a field service technician.

SONIFI provides Professional Solutions including: Network & MATV Design, Infrastructure Upgrades (network, RF, optical, etc.), Low-Voltage Wiring (Network, MATV, etc.), Outdoor Plant Work (Horizontal Boring, Trenching, etc.), Public, Business, and Private Viewing, TV installations with TV liquidations, and more.

SONIFI's Service & Maintenance provides you the assurance you need. The 24x7x365 service and support along with real time monitoring are delivered through the only fully staffed nationwide field service team dedicated to hospitality.

Worry Free Service & Support

 Technical assistance within 2 hours from any U.S. customer
 200+ nationwide field techs have an average of 14 yrs of hospitality experience
 24x7x365 service and support network
 Real-time monitoring system
 U.S. based call center
technicians servicing a server

SONFI's Integration solutions integrate your systems into one cohesive network. Leveraging more than 30 years of experience in development, integration and implementation of hospitality solutions, SONIFI's integration capabilities streamline the integration of PMS, POS and other critical systems through our Technology Integration Engine (TIE).


Guest Request -
Enhance the guest experience by integrating concierge, housekeeping and other services into your interactive solution.

Loyalty -
Develop a comprehensive ecosystem by integrating your brand’s loyalty features directly with your interactive solution.

SONIFI maintains a staff of certified network architects and engineers across our nationwide footprint to assist in the design and implementation of our solutions. They are here to assist you at any stage of the project, whether it's new construction, an existing location or a historic hotel - our network engineers have the knowledge to design the most cost effective solution based on your property's needs.

In addition, SONIFI's Installation team is dedicated to consistently providing quality customer service, installations and a project management experience that is timely and fiscally responsible. Our installation team has expertise in media, guest Internet and professional solutions and is involved in every aspect of the hospitality contract and installations lifecycle. Our Installations Managers are strategically located around North America providing assurance that your solution is installed efficiently and professionally at your properties.

SONIFI provides extensive analytics on the many aspects of SONIFI’s hospitality solutions. Key insights include guest engagement information around channel viewership, iTV usage patterns and mobile usage. In addition, SONIFI can also provide statistics on SLA compliance metrics to gauge system reliability and service/support performance.

Reporting can be provided to you in a number of formats including automated distribution of PDFs, .CSV, Excel and .XML file formats. On a per request basis, SONIFI also provides in depth analysis for comparisons of FTG channel viewership and iTV engagement against other properties within a hotel portfolio, DMA or market segment.

Reports and services include:

Usage Information -
Daily, weekly and monthly reports are available to view usage information of hotel services and channels. In addition, reports for hotel advertisements on views, dwell times and purchases are available

Real-time Status -
Real-time room status and property dashboard can notify the hotelier if the room needs to be cleaned, stocked or serviced.

Personalized Reports -
Personalized Business Intelligence reports measure your property in comparison to industry data by region, market DMA or segment available upon request.